Imagining a non-colonial Oxford: In Conversation with Professor Chaudhuri

It has now been almost two weeks since the arrival of the Rhodes Must Fall In Oxford movement at the University of Oxford – having caught the headlines both nationally and internationally!

Today we held our first RMF Oxford Public Forum – where Dr JanaLee Cherneski, Departmental Lecturer in Political Theory at the Department of Politics and International Relations was in conversation with Oxford alumnus, internationally acclaimed Scholar in Literature, and multiple award winning Author and Critic – Professor Amit Chaudhuri!

Issues that were discussed included what we mean by the decolonisation of the space, what it means for a curriculum to be colonial, and the ‘what’s’ and the ‘how’s’ of the project of decolonisation.

We encouraged people to submit questions they would like to be put to Professor Chaudhuri beforehand, which also led to some really great conversations.

Thanks so much to everyone who came and we hope to see you at the next RMF Oxford event!