“A decolonised university is a FREE University”

In the pursuit of a decolonised university, which includes a different – especially liberated, democratised and social –  educational experience, we recognise, envision and struggle for a different society.

RMF-Oxford therefore supports the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts’ (NCAFC) demand to have a free educational system within which everyone indiscriminately receives living grants, ensuring that nobody is denied an education, especially due to financial constraints. Rhodes Must Fall specifically endorses NCAFC’s demonstration on November 4th, and the broad demand of no borders, no barriers and no business. Indebting students is  binding them to the current economic and political system, and this is not an option for us.

We believe that a free university also includes a university free of exploitation. We state utmost support and solidarity with workers who are facing insecurities and pay cuts while university management continues to benefit from their work.

Freedom from exploitation also includes freedom from damaging and unethical organisations involved in the destruction of the planet. Instead of having a commercialised and commodified educational system, we call for  a liberated, communal and social space that would be able to take part in the transformation of society as a whole.

Wanting to transform society essentially means finding ways to democratise it, i.e. solutions that look beyond systems of inequality in the economic, political, and social sphere. Therefore, a free university also means that those who study and work at educational institutions have a say in the fundamental structures, including – but not limited to – discussions about decolonising space, curricula and institutional memory.

We recognise the state’s monopoly of violence, meaning that police are under no circumstance welcome at a free university.

We therefore assert the interrelationship between decolonising the university and the struggle for  a free university, and remain in solidarity with NCAFC.