Solidarity Statement With Students of Missou

**Rhodes Must Fall Oxford stands in solidarity with the students of Missou**

At Mizzou we have seen the triumph of student organizing power: sustained peaceful protest forced the resignation of principal Timothy Wolfe, a man guilty of propping up the systems of inequity at the University of Missouri. The response to this should be joyful – for all of our freedoms. Instead, we witness with sadness the hate and terror – the death threats against Black bodies – that this has brought on.

We call upon all those who value the right to peaceful protest to support the students of colour at Mizzou. We urge those who believe students should be able to go to lectures and sit exams without suffering violence or harassment to support the students of colour at Mizzou.

We should not have to call upon the world to recognise Black students who have dared to speak out against racism as human beings – but we must, and we do.

To the students of colour at Mizzou: as fellow students of colour, and as Rhodes Must Fall Oxford, we stand with you. We – as those who despise the racism of the structures we must navigate, as those who are fighting to deconstruct this system – stand with you. To the cowards who threaten violence on the body and minds of protesters: know that we are watching.